Fathema Begum

My Story

Hi! I, Dr. Fathema Begum, hail from the North-east India, an abode of clouds, rainfall, flora and fauna and a richly coloured place with cultural variety. My profession is teaching and I am in this job since the year 1996 till today.  But within this span of time I enjoyed a break of quite a long period to fit into it my roles of a home maker and of a mother. Presently, I am engaged in teaching profession in a govt. engineering college.

Writing is my passion and it is my privilege in this regard to be in teaching profession. This job gives me the scope to come into close contact with a broad spectrum of humanity consisting of different age groups. Hence, my writings that grow against the backdrop of humanity are facilitated by that occupation.

Apart from writing, I also love reading.  I read whatever comes my way if it proves to be interesting.  I love cooking and enjoy giving some twists to traditional dishes considering the health benefits. That often makes my daughter remark in a light-hearted tone that my dishes may have medicinal value but they fail to tickle her taste buds.

I was fortunate enough to be born in a family where the members were not   categorized as males and females but treated as autonomous individuals. My parents, who are no more, never clipped my wings to prevent me from exercising my freedom in right direction.

I feel myself to be blessed with a life partner in form of an adoring husband. His love, support and untiring assistance in every walk of my life have enabled me to achieve whatever I have today. I do have a daughter who happens to be very positive, understanding and of jovial mood. Both my husband and my daughter constitute the bedrock of my strength required to go ahead in life.

I grow being in the company of people, hence I love communicating with them. Here, I leave my email address- fathemanehu@gmail.com- for further correspondence with people. I look forward to come into contact with more people on the way of my journey with the blog.

————- Dr. Fathema Begum


“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

–Sylvia Plath


Guwahati, Assam