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Taking the advantage of silence mostly at the end of day, I tend to ruminate on the day spent experiencing both the blissful and the apologetic moments. The thoughtful exercise often ensue with some creations both poetic and prose. Those creations with the play of words cannot exactly be termed as centring me solely but they also form a spectacle of humanity in large.

      It is the nature of my creations that sprouted the thought in me to own a blog. I considered, as the creations celebrate humanity, I have no right to keep them locked with me. I should leave them open to humanity for their enjoyment. This viewpoint made me deem the blog as the appropriate medium through which the creations can reach people.

   The blog aims to capture the panorama of humanity. Its creations will focus on different shades of moods, feelings and sentiments that colour the human mind. It, in short, will project both the grim and vivid aspects of human lives. The tinge of some values may colour some work but that will never be achieved at the cost of pleasure that the blog is intended to provide the readers. It can be said that the teachings will be arranged in the storage of delight in the writings of the blog.  

Hence, the idea to own a blog is actually backed by my motive to entertain the readers. The blog with all its creations will attempt to represent the humanity in large. Therefore, the readers’ visit of it will turn into an amusing feat of their self explorations.

I have a dream to undertake a journey far ahead in future with the blog. This dream may materialise if the readers ignite me with the enthusiasm to serve them with my writings. That zest to serve them will persist if only the readers display an uninterrupted interest in my blog.  

————- Dr. Fathema Begum


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

– Anais Nin

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