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Albert Einstein


My Story

Hi! I, Dr. Fathema Begum, hail from the North-east India, an abode of clouds, rainfall, flora and fauna and a richly coloured place with cultural variety. My profession is teaching and I
am in this job since the year 1996 till today. But within this span of time I enjoyed a break of quite a long period to fit into it my roles of a home maker and of a mother. Presently, I am
engaged in teaching profession in a govt. engineering college.

—–Dr. Fathema Begum


“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

–Sylvia Plath

My Creations

Taking the advantage of silence mostly at the end of day, I tend to ruminate on the day spent experiencing both the blissful and the apologetic moments. The thoughtful exercise often ensue with some creations both poetic and prose. Those creations with the play of words cannot exactly be termed as centring me solely but they also form a spectacle of humanity in large.

—–Dr. Fathema Begum

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Eyes and Eye Power

When you are glued to silence, your eyes but have the ability to wax eloquent about your unvoiced feelings through their shines and glints. Avid face readers take the clues from the eyes to perceive what is unsaid. If one can cast their focus into the eyes of the...

The Pink Sweater

The Pink sweater that my mother knitted, She knitted it throughout a year, Her fingers bruised and loops she missed, Her weak eyes strained to retrieve And knit them back. Her joint pain worsened and she grew plump, And more cholesterol clogged her arteries. The past...


What is silence? The answer to this query may be framed as – silence is felt when no sounds of footfalls, laughter, babbling and of busy hands settling the messy home in order are produced. The atmosphere is calm and quiet – a right ambience for creativity to unleash...


Guwahati,  Assam

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