I do exist because my readers exist. The words with full gusto ignite me to go ahead in the feat of writing. It is the community of the readers that decides the space that a writer will hold in the realm of writings through their approach to his/her works. Writing becomes meaningless if it cannot find readership. The ultimate target of each piece of writing is the reader.  Hence, this opening blog post is to extend a warm welcome to the readers and usher them into the domain of thoughtsandcreations.com.

The readers do hold a noble position for me in the field of my writings. Hence, I take this opportunity to scribble down the rapport that I feel to have with them.

The act of literary creation seems to be a lonely one. It often develops when silence prevails. The laptop is taken out of its place when everybody is out of home on various errands and silence reigns supreme in the house.  Against such a background, when nothing can be heard except the sound of wall clock ticking away the time, the keys of the laptop are pressed to and fro to design word creations.

          However, in that lonely activity, when no physical presence of any individual is there, an unseen presence of human forms is perceived that but monitors the whole work. That presence happens to be of no one else but of the readers. Every sentence that is formed, the appropriateness of each word that is evaluated and the clarity of every image that is envisioned in the course of writing are all done keeping in view the readers. The utmost care is taken to build the whole writing into a blissful one for the readers. Hence, the act of my creation is not a solitary exercise but an accompanied one with a feeling of having the readers in fore.

An unbreakable bond binds me with the community of readers and I open the gate of the blog today to lead this august body within its arena. The readers are invited to detect the directions in which the wind of my thought blows here. They are to feel the sense and sensibilities that throb in each creation. The readers are solicited to grace with their readings the various creations working out the different facets of life which happen to be both blithe and bleak.

    I invite the readers’ viewpoints regarding my works that will enable me to spot both my potential and my limitations and hence let my creations grow. I would like to wind up saying that I wish to take ahead the bonding that I share with the readers persisting in the act of writing.  

——— Dr. Fathema Begum