We inhabit a world that displays plenty wherever we go.  From the basic necessities to the items of luxury, everything parades in multitude, sealed with different tags and brands. The things in variety make it easier for people to take heed of their choice while opting for one among many. This plenty often imprints life with ease and conveniences.

     Today’s vegetable market is a glaring example of plenty. Visiting the market satisfies one with the sight of veggies of different breeds. Vegetables are no more found to be of seasonal variety.  Thanks to the technological developments and transportation facilities that make all sorts of vegetables available in the market season and out of season.  It is no more arduous to prepare a rich vegetarian meal with an assortment of dishes at any time of the year. This but facilitates to rustle the taste buds so long used to rich non-veg. diet.  Hence, this has made it easier for people to adopt vegan life style whether from the point of view of health benefit or from the perspective of saving animals.

        The spurt in the manufacture of various electronic home appliances has turned home-making into an easy affair today.  The handy vacuum cleaner has converted the task of keeping the house spick and span into a less wearisome job now. The shift from a semi automated washing machine to a fully automated one has made the task of washing clothes hassle free totally. The availability of mixer and blender of different types has made the preparation of some dishes quicker which needed long term preparation with a lot of manual work earlier. 

        The outfit market seems also to be flown with a variety of brands and tags. Visiting a shopping site or a physical mall acquaints one with brands umpteen and it often becomes difficult to mark them all in memory’s diary. Years back, people had to be satisfied with a few number of brands that could be counted on finger tips. Those brands were but accessible to a selective few designated as upper class, blessed with all the riches and luxuries. But today’s different brands  from being  cost effective to  expensive, leave no section  worried to dress with taste and go trendy at any place and at anytime.

     Make-up market is exploding with numberless products and if one wishes can enjoy perennial youth.  One can conceal the fissures and cracks of ages with the stroke of a brush and have smooth and glossy hair dyed with the colour of one’s choice.  This play of make-up often deceives the viewers.  One often stumbles on an embarrassing moment failing to differentiate between the mother and her young daughter. 

     Owning a private vehicle is no more a matter pertaining to the richer section nowadays. It is often seen that the chauffeur rides his own bike to catch on time his duty of driving someone’s four wheeler. Hardly, a few are deprived of their wishes to possess vehicles of their own nowadays. It is also never impossible to replace the old vehicles with the newer models from time to time. All these facilities are due to the different manufacturing companies supplying vehicles of different types ranging between affordable and classy models in addition to the existence of flexible loaning system. A student leaving on a handsome scholarship can be seen running their own vehicle happily, of course with constraint felt during oil price hike.

     Living in plenty that entails a life blessed with ease and conveniences has but created a void now. This void happens to be the absence of love and attachment for the things owned. Living in plenty grants every scope for alternatives and for exchange system. This advantage has dissipated the owner’s fear of losing things because alternatives are there waiting to replace the damaged items.  Hence, love and care with which the things were handled earlier is scarce to be seen nowadays. Earlier, living in limitation and possessing the things occasionally developed an attachment for the things. The absence of this attachment is not only found in regard to the things possessed but it has become almost an all pervading malaise now. In this machine age, when things boom in plenty, the relationship is also infected by this detachment. It is often rued that little love is lost between the two generations – the elderly and the younger.

   Hence, this crisis of love and care is a grave concern now to draw everybody’s attention. Effort should be undertaken on everybody’s part to revive and flourish those sensitivities. Promises should be made that in time ahead living in plenty should be accompanied with love and care for all and for everything to make a healthy living.

——-Dr. Fathema Begum