When you are glued to silence, your eyes but have the ability to wax eloquent about your unvoiced feelings through their shines and glints. Avid face readers take the clues from the eyes to perceive what is unsaid. If one can cast their focus into the eyes of the other may be able to gather various feelings from there because it is generally believed that the eyes hold mirror to the soul. Your eyes with their sparkles, gaze and blinks signal a number of feelings of you, both positive and negative, that may aid people to make out your responses to different situations.  

            The viewpoint that the eyes speak out one’s mind can help deduce another quality of them.  As eyes uncover the hidden feelings, they seem to be characterized with a quality of sincerity. Such as, it is often seen that a wrongdoer fails to have eye contact with the interrogator. A wrong furtively done is very difficult to be concealed if one looks into the eyes of the offender. Here, the eyes of the wrongdoer with their silent expressions bear witness against the crime committed contrary to the culprit’s bold lying refusing their complicity. Hence, in this context, it may be said that when caught in a transgression, the tongue may lie but the eyes will never take leave of their integrity.       

            Therefore, the eyes due to their sincerity and expressive power are often used as substitutes for words to serve various purposes as well as utilized as good aid for effective communication. Such as, an oblique look cast upon a person, speaking gibberish, without uttering any word sometimes proves to be sufficient to keep his/her lips sealed. A stern look from a silent senior has the force to bring a rowdy child under control. Sometimes, the sign of empathy from the eyes become more efficacious than volumes of kind words spoken to console a distraught heart.     

             Earlier, talking to the elders with eye contact was considered to be audacious on the part of the speaker. But nowadays, the significance of having eye contact while corresponding – in any context- is felt more and is also emphasized as needful for a successful communication.

            Every sincere communicator aims that their message should reach the audience or the listeners. Therefore, the communicator undertakes every possible step to make their statement intelligible to the audience. In this context, to have effectual communication making the message comprehensible to the listeners, the eyes have a powerful role to play. Here, the eye contact of the speaker with the audience is imperative to have successful communication. Such as looking into the eyes of the listeners while speaking, the speaker can perceive whether the audience is able to grasp the message transferred to them. A sense of bewilderment noticed in the eyes of the listeners often suggests their inability to receive the message. Hence, the speaker’s awareness of that persuades him/her to own immediately the other strategies in the speech such as opting for easier language or for a more familiar example or comparison to make the message clear. Apart from that, the sparkle in the eyes of the audience implying their interest in the speech tends to work as a great motivational force for the speaker to go ahead in the feat of communication.  

            Having eye contact with the speaker also enables the listeners to trace the emotions of the speaker involved in communication that triggers the rightful response from the audience. For instance, looking into the eyes of the speaker often necessitates the listener to have some gestures or words of sympathy for the former that the speaker is in dire need of as their eyes suggest. Apart from that, having eye contact with the speaker also facilitates the listener to gauge the former’s sincerity and confidence in a correct measure as eyes help to give an authentic image of one’s mind. An awareness of the presence of those qualities in the speaker works out the possibility to trap the audience into paying attention to the former’s words and that in turn facilitates a successful correspondence.

    Therefore, the eyes with their sincerity and expressive power happen to be the most amazing and significant parts of a face that can be used as word alternatives in various situations and as fine aid for effective communication.

—————- Dr. Fathema Begum